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Unique Options for Cremated Remains

Though you can make your loved one’s cremation service special and unique, it doesn’t stop there. Learn more about ways to make after the cremation unique, too....READ MORE


Your Many Service Options at Funeral Homes

You have many, many options for planning a service at a funeral home in Metairie, LA. Use these tips for planning meaningful funeral home services for inspiration....READ MORE


Common Religions and Cremation Services

There are lots of different religions in Chalmette, LA, and each one has a different view on cremation services. Get more background on common religious views on cremation....READ MORE


Personalizing Services at Funeral Homes

From making the event a celebration of life to using modern technology, there are lots of ways you can choose personalization at a funeral home for your lost loved one....READ MORE


How to Choose the Right Cremation Urn  

There are many different urn options for after cremation services from color and style to size and shape. Use the following tips if you need a little extra help choosing the right urn....READ MORE


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