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Make It Meaningful  

Fight the urge to speed through the funeral home and planning process, as meaningful funerals not only celebrate the deceased but also help the bereaved through grief....READ MORE


Busted Body Donation Myths   

Many people base all their knowledge on body donation on myth. If you’re considering body donation for before cremation services, these busted myths can help....READ MORE


Why Do We Have Funerals for Veterans?  

Funerals and funeral homes have been a major part of the death and loss experience for generations, but why? Why are funerals so important? Especially for veterans?...READ MORE


Memorial Jewelry for Military Members  

If you’re looking for a unique yet respectful way to memorialize a lost loved one after cremation services in New Orleans, LA, memorial jewelry might be the way to go....READ MORE


Estate Planning Attorneys and Military Service Members 

An estate-planning attorney can help you prepare for your own passing, but do you really need one? Learn more about military services, funeral homes and estate planning attorneys....READ MORE


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